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Magic Maze on Mars Review & Gameplay

Magic Maze on Mars Board Game box cover

Magic Maze on Mars is a kind of sequel to the original Magic Maze published in 2017 with some variation in mechanics and a cool Sci-Fi theme.

Top 10 Star Wars Themed Board Games

star wars board game collection

A collection of the best board games of popular games that are themed with Star Wars.

Zombie Kidz Evolution Review & How to Play

Zombie Kids Evolution box cover

Zombies are planning to take over the kids school and the children working as a team must defeat them. Get the Zombies out and school locked up before they take over.

Small World Underground Review

SmallWorld underground cover of box

Imagine a world full of mysterious creatures with strange abilities, eager to control a limited free space. Take your race to the top, conquering and crushing your rivals in Small World Underground!

A – Z List of Board Games

Find a Board Game on this site through the A-Z page list for convenience. Be warned – there are some mega games stocked in there.

Latest Comparisons – Board Games That Are Similar to Another!

We all eventually pick up a great board game that we play to death and then play again, and then hope to find games just like that one. Here are some of the latest board games like (similar) we’ve added you may like!

Top 10 Board Games Like Catan

Catan Board Game set up with text to read

The Settlers of Catan is certainly an epic board game of negotiation, building settlements, collecting resources and other mechanisms working together that has made this tabletop a hit among gamers and those new to strategy based games.

Board Games Like Clue

clue murder weapons picture with text

Clue (Cluedo) is a classic that has stood the test of time (first published 1949). Many of us grew up with it alongside a game of Monopoly of course, and didn’t have much to compare or contend with Clue.

Board Games Like Monopoly

Monopoly board close up

Since 1933 the board game ‘Monopoly’ has found its way to many a families tabletop and continues to be a go to family game for those discovering board games. Here, we take a look at games that are similar to Monopoly.

Best Board Games Like Ticket to Ride

board games like Ticket to Ride collection

We share our choice of the best board games similar to Ticket to Ride. We include those with similar gameplay and mechanics, and some that differ to mix it up somewhat!

Games Like Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons collection of board games

Developing fantastical and imaginative characters, adventuring and exploring in a fantasy world, creating maps, rolling polyhedral dice in suspense, fighting enemies, discovering hidden treasures, and becoming engrossed in an evolving story with your friends in a shared experience around a table……………….

Games Like Splendor – Our Top 10 Picks

board games like Splendor collage

When Splendor was released in 2014, this game all about collecting gems, purchasing cards, attracting nobles, and racing to 15 points quickly became massively popular in the board gaming community and was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres award that same year. Despite the fact that Splendor often gets criticized for……

Games Like Codenames Party Game

games like Codenames box covers picture

Codenames certainly made an impression when it first came on the tabletop game market in 2015 and continues to be a great party game. As it is so popular we’ve put together games that are similar to Codenames. As always we have tried to add something in the list of games that will differ from the game needing comparisons.

Top 10 Games Like Secret Hitler Fans Love

games like Secret Hitler collage

While there are many things to like about this game, there are certainly many other games out there that provide a similar feel but may be better suited for specific preferences or situations. Whether you are looking for a game really similar to Secret Hitler or one that can play a significantly higher player count, here’s a list of 10 similar games.

Children’s Board Games

This is an area of board gaming we love. Encouraging children to engage with the benefits of board gaming is a major plus for us while reviewing the best board games for kids.

Children’s Board Games by Age Groups

An excellent way to search for suitable board games for the kids is look at what’s best within their age group. Here’s a wide range of board game reviews to check out!

Board Game Categories & Types

We try to cover as many categories, genres and types of board games as we can….there’s a heck of a lot! Checking out the top 10 or the best of a category is a great way to search and choose a game.

Latest Best Board Game Roundups

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